VR/AR films and programs have the power to create strong emotional connections that change attitudes, actions and policies to shape our world.

VR and AR technology builds brands

Virtual and augmented reality is the most immersive communications technology to come along since the movies. Brands can no longer ignore its true power to improve customer engagement with products and services or to train employees in new, unique ways.

VR and AR storytelling shapes our world

VR and AR storytelling has the power to build human understanding for issues, places, or people we’ve not otherwise been exposed to in real life. It has the power to connect people from all corners of the world, and through these “shared” experiences in a headset, we can begin to find common understanding and compassion.


Experiential Strategy and Planning

  • Creative concept ideation
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Storyboarding and copywriting
  • Distribution channels strategy

VR/AR Production

Pre- and post-production for:

  • 360 video and documentary storytelling
  • Immersive training AR/VR solutions
  • Interactive events

App and Web Platform Development

  • Customized VR/AR content for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony
  • Playstation VR, and Google Daydream/Cardboard
  • Template and custom app development
  • Custom web platforms

Comprehensive Digital Marketing, PR, and Film Promotion

  • “Surround sound” marketing and communications
  • Digital advertising and retargeting
  • Industry awards and events promotion

Measurement and Reporting

  • Ongoing monitoring and tweaking of digital campaigns
  • Tracking research to gauge effectiveness
  • Analytics measurement to gauge effectiveness
  • Custom results reports based on client-preferred methodology

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Our Services

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Snapshot

Warschawski is an award-winning virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) firm with offices in New York City, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. We offer a full array of virtual reality and augmented reality marketing services such as experiential strategy and planning, VR/AR production, app and web platform development, comprehensive marketing and PR surrounding the VR/AR experience, in addition to performance monitoring and reporting.

Warschawski is one of the only marketing firms in the in the Mid-Atlantic region (from NYC to Baltimore and DC) offering the full suite of VR/AR services in addition to all of the services of an advertising agency, marketing firm, digital agency, branding agency, web design firm, creative design agency, Amazon marketing agency, and crisis communications firm.